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Minimally Invasive Foot Surgeon

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Do you suffer from:


Heel Pain or "Heel Spurs"

Plantar Fasciitis



Flat Feet (and associated knee pain, hip or back pain)

Ingrown Toenails

Toenail Fungus

Meet Dr. Daniel Pero

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Welcome to my Minimally-Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery website, your guide to minimally invasive foot & ankle procedure specialists in Palm Beach County. We’re confident you’ll find an unmatched quality of care at Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgeons.

Recurrent foot pain and heel pain is a sign that a medical or biomechanical abnormality is present. With the feet being the foundation of the rest of the body, foot pain can also cause other symptoms such as ankle, knee, hip, or back pain. These can keep you from doing your daily activities. With proper diagnosis and treatment, most foot and ankle or other associated problems can be treated successfully. We will analyze your symptoms, and with a thorough exam and imaging, we will provide you with an individualized treatment plan to return you to those activities you enjoy the most.

Dr. Daniel Pero has been practicing in Palm Beach since 2009.  He is currently Board-Certified with ABPM (American Board of Podiatric Medicine) and a member of the AMIFAS (Academy of Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery). Dr. Pero is originally from Detroit, Michigan, and earned his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree in Cleveland, Ohio. He specializes in Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery and Sports Medicine, and his practice philosophy is to treat every patient with VIP care while correcting the underlying cause of their symptoms.

Dr. Daniel Pero is an affiliated surgeon of the Atlas Foot Alignment Institute (FAI). Atlas FAI doctors focus exclusively on treatment of the foot and ankle, and offer patients a world class level of expertise and care. The Atlas FAI treatment model revolves around the patient.  With a highly trained team, precise imaging equipment, office-based surgical suite and helpful patient coordinators—all together in the same center—we’re uniquely equipped to make treating foot concerns the best possible experience it can be for our patients.

Areas of Expertise

Minimal Invasive

Foot Surgery

Heel Pain &

Plantar Fasciitis

Bunions & Hammertoes

Foot & Ankle Procedures

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